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what is this echoe....?

calling me a dumbass all the time?
some says when it stops it will be the beginning of my insanity.

Trivialization = brain shrink

the eternal job of the frustrated weak and dumb men.
I've seen birds and trees, I've seen houses, babies and oldmen living in. I felt the cold wind and I got goosebumps. Then I saw a limp woman sweeping the street, she greeted me with a shy smile and I greeted her back.
Then I saw a very handsome guy, he greeted me too, I think I'm in love, I'm in love all the time with everyone!... did you know that, mom? I don't think it so. Stubble and dark, very charming. I think he listens to Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd and reads Jack Kerouac by the night.
While I was making my way back home, I found a bird laid on the sidewalk.
After that, every step turned into a worrisome thought popping out in my mind. A twist of bad luck and your whole life turns into nothing but a rotten organic matter. How devastating life's fragility is.
Uh.... ah! I hate Adelle songs, her voice is so boring. People love to be ass kissers and I'm a jerk, that's my job.

Well, that's all.


Out of my time...

When I see guys like David Duchovny, Chris Cornell, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Patrick Dempsey and so on and on...

makes me wonder if I was born out of my time or if I really have a thing for older blokes! Is it normal? Or there really is a lack of testosterone on young men nowadays?

Now that I'm over my teen years, kissing a guy at my same age hasn't been so frustrating anymore. But in my dreams, when I ask myself like "who would you go for, Robert Pattison or David Duchovny?" Shit! David Duchovny, totally!!!

There are some exceptions though, in my opinion, like James Franco, Brandon Flowers, Guy Berryman... hmn... I don't know.


Your life is not a big drama movie. There is nobody watching you, embracing your feelings with empathy. And you are not going to win an Oscar for playing the main character. Whoever is watching thinks you're an idiot.

Jeff Buckley - Gathering Files!

I'm just another Jeff Buckley's fan crazy for bootlegs and footages. I'll post whatever I find, pictures, interviews, videos. Probably, I won't find find anything new, but I don't mind it anyway.

Here goes two websites I visit A LOT:


One day they were young, just like I am now.
One day they were just humans like everybody else, allowed to make the most terrible mistakes.
And then they had kids, they became parents, responsible for the existence of ANOTHER human beings.

But they're still human, they still make mistakes, that's ok when you learn that the most interesting characters in your life don't exist actually.

Father, it is ok now. I recognize your mistakes, I'm just waiting for your apologizes, my heart has been hungry for it for years!

Mother, you're still a saint for me, a hurt saint and it hurts me even more. It makes me so fucking angry sometimes, but it is not your fault at all.

There is no one to be blamed, expect for the one who can't get down on his knees admitting his own mistakes, touching the same ground we feel under our feet. And even though I can't hate you at all, I hate myself sometimes for raising my expectations everyday. As my father, I believe you were supposed to save me from it, because I'm a moron begging for help.